Industrial Air Blast Coolers

We offer a wide range of air blast coolers that utilise the most advanced and energy efficient technologies available. The wide range of unit configurations, materials and control options ensure that every cooler supplied is a perfect fit for your organisation.

Our range of air blast coolers is a modern, safe alternative to cooling towers. Offering reduced running and maintenance costs, this coupled with our Preventative Condition Maintenance service provides you with a perfect solution to traditional cooling towers.

Energy saving options include variable speed technology, by fitting variable speed drive’s to the fan’s, it allows us to control the temperature more accurately and reduce energy cost.

Blast Coolers

Parker Air Blast Coolers
Industrial Air Blast Coolers
Industrial Water Cooling

UAP’s air blast coolers are the ideal solution where water is required at temperatures above the ambient.

All models are easy to install with low running and maintenance costs, designed for outdoor installation, with IP54 grade protection and epoxy coated galvanized aluminium frames.

Cooling capacity range:10kW to 4,000kW

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UAP can design, supply and install a wide range of air blast coolers to suit any application.