UAP FireStop-X Range

Firestop-X the self-contained a fire suppression system for air compressors.

Although compressed air generation is usually safe, the risk of fire and explosion should be considered when operating an air compressor, especially within the workplace.

An air compressor provides the perfect environment for a serious fire or explosion; an ignition source, high-pressure aerosol fuel, heat and an acoustically lined vented enclosure!

How Does It Work with Compressors?

Compressor FireUAP has designed ‘Firestop-X’ a self-contained a fire suppression system for air compressors, that can be easily retrofitted and requires no external pipe-work or nozzles.  The aerosol fire extinguisher units and fire detection system are placed directly inside the equipment being protected. The potassium based suppressant exhibits similar characteristics to the gases but unlike gas the aerosol remains in suspension for up to an hour, providing extended post-fire security against re-ignition.

Firestop-X is an integrated aerosol fire suppression and machine control system that is environmentally friendly with zero ozone depletion and zero global warming potential; the system is designed specifically for air compressors and can present a cost-effective alternative to traditional gas suppression systems offering superior contained suppression performance, space and weight savings and ease of installation.

UAP can design and install a complete fire suppression system on any make of compressor, which includes an auto fail-safe kill switch to shut down the compressor in the event of a fire to prevent escalation and therefore negate the requirement for building sprinkler systems to actuate, reducing or avoiding associated water damage.

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