As a compressed air user, it’s important to select a compressor that will deliver maximum efficiency and reliability for your organisation. Compressed air generation is an expensive process and the higher the pressure, the more it costs to generate.

UAP are able to provide our customers with a broad range of compressed air packages to suit all applications. With pressures ranging from 20 bar to 69 bar, UAP can offer a turnkey solution for you high-pressure needs.

We understand the importance of installing the right compressed air system for your organisation and before implementing any capital investment programme, we encourage our customers to consider the life cycle cost of equipment to ensure the most appropriate system is selected. We consider your specific operating practices and strategic objectives to deliver the best ROI over the lifetime of your compressed air installation.

High Pressure Air Compressors

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High Pressure Compressed Air Systems
Atmospheric inlet pressure

Free Air Delivery:0.21 – 6.79 m³/min
Motor Power:3.7 – 110 kW
Standard Pressures: 24 – 69 bar

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DN C Series Pressure Boosters
3-13 bar inlet pressure

Free Air Delivery:2.9 – 19.6 m³/min
Motor Power:22 – 45 kW
Standard Pressures: 10 – 45 bar

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N Series Pressure Boosters
5-13 bar inlet pressure

Free Air Delivery:0.27 – 7.6 m³/min
Motor Power:2.2 – 37 kW
Standard Pressures: 15 – 45 bar

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Hanwha SE Series
Air and Gas Compressors

The Hanwha series of high-pressure air compressors and boosters for air and gas.

Free Air Delivery:up to 8333 m³/min
Standard Pressures: 1.5 – 40 bar

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