Monitoring and Metering

At UAP we offer a range of monitoring and metering products to improve your compressed air systems efficiency on site. We work with leading manufacturers to provide our customers with the most relevant and reliable technologies available. Linked with our Smart Control Systems, UAP uses various monitoring and metering products to reduce energy consumption and help deliver industry 4.0.

When implementing any energy saving strategy it is important to collect as much accurate information as possible to reduce the amount of ‘calculated’ data used when estimating energy savings.

By following our preventative condition maintenance techniques and continually monitoring air quality, usage, pressure, flow rate and power consumption, UAP can trend data and react to any notable changes to your system. This approach assists to prevent failure, reduce service cost and improve efficiency.

Meters and Sensors

Monitoring Flow Meters
Flow meters

Compressed air is the most expensive form of energy in manufacturing plants and accounts for up to 20% of the overall energy costs. Flow meters are ideal for monitoring compressed air networks, consumption, detect leakages and save costs.

All though most compressor controllers give an indication of flow rate, the data is usually calculated. By installing flow meters within your system, it allows us to accurately monitor usage and recommend improvements.

Monitoring Dew Point Sensor
Dew Point Sensor

Dew point measurement and monitoring in compressed air systems are essential. Proven and reliable dew point meters ensure the required product quality in compressed air and gas systems is achieved.

Air always contains water in form of vapour. Since air contrary to water can be compressed the water drops out during the compression procedure in form of condensate. The maximum humidity of the air depends on the temperature and the volume. It does not depend on any quantity. The ambient air can be imagined like a wet sponge. In the relaxed condition, it is able to absorb a certain quantity of water. If the sponge is squeezed water drops out. Some water will remain in the sponge even in case of a strong compression. This process is similar to the compressed air applications.

Monitoring Differential Pressure Sensors
Differential Pressure Sensors

The smaller the pressure drop across the filter, the less high the nominal pressure must be set. If the pressure drop across the filters is greater than 0.3 bar, the filters should be replaced.

Our standard and differential pressure sensors are ideal to monitor those figures continuously.

Monitoring Power Meters
Power Meters

For a sustainable reduction of power costs, it is widely acknowledged that an optimum solution is to continually analyse the energy consumption.

By installing power meters to your equipment along with our smart controllers, we can accurately monitor your usage and implement improvements.

Monitoring Pressure Sensors
Pressure Sensors

Pressure monitoring in compressed air and gas systems helps to significantly reduce energy consumption.

A reduction in the nominal pressure reduces both the power consumption and the leakage losses and increases the service life of the compressor. Electricity savings in the range of 6 – 8% can be achieved by a reduction of the nominal pressure by only 1 bar.

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