UAP System Design and Installation

Here at UAP, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with an honest and friendly approach to every project we are asked to undertake. Whether you are improving an existing system or looking to design a new one, UAP is able to provide a turnkey solution from start to finish.


At UAP we understand the importance of installing the right system for your organisation. By using our Advanced System Analytics and considering your specific operating practices, UAP can tailor a high-performance solution that will achieve greater efficiencies and savings for your organisation. We intelligently analyse and identify the most appropriate system that will realise the greatest energy savings and cost advantages for your organisation. Our innovative solutions are flexible and tailored to suit the exact needs of individual facilities.


System design in CAD

Using the Latest 3D modelling software, UAP can provide a complete 3D drawing of your proposed system. This allows you to clearly visualise the proposed layout and an indication of how your new system will look.

Using the latest scanning software, UAP can scan the desired location to capture real-world information and convert it to the digital world.

This provides us with a digital 3D copy of your room/facility and allows us to accurately and quickly draw out your new system.


UAP can offer a turnkey project and have experience acting as principle contractor and project manager working under CDM rules. We are accredited with Safety Contractor Status, and certified with triple Management Standard; ISO9001, 14001 & OHSAS 1800. We have been continual members of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) for over 15 years and as members of the AirSafe register, we undertake all work in a professional manner and boast an excellent Health and Safety Record.

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