Inline Filtration for Air Compressors

Inline Filtration plays a key role in providing your site with the air quality required to meet your industry standards. Clean compressed air is no longer confined to medical or food processing applications, as industry, manufacturing and automotive sectors can realise its many benefits.

Clean, dry, quality compressed air protects air tools, pneumatic control gear and the system itself from corrosion and other damage, avoiding unnecessary maintenance or prolonged and costly downtime.

Selecting the right filtration

There are many types of inline filtration available to remove various contaminants from your compressed air. When selecting inline filters for your system, pressure losses need to be taken into consideration. It is not just important to select the correct type of filter but the sizing of the filter needs to be correct to ensure the pressure drop across the filter is as low as possible.

We offer a wide range of products to help improve your air quality on site. By working with the top brands in the compressed air industry, we are able to select the perfect solution for your system and provide your organisation with the most energy efficient and reliable form of compressed air filtration.

High efficiency filtration

Dust and Particle Removal Equipment
Dust and Particle Removal

Coalescing filters provide a reduction of oil and water aerosols and solid particulates. Dry particulate filters provide a reduction of solid particulates only.

  • Dust and particle removal: 1 to 0.01micron.
  • Oil vapour and water Aerosols: 0.5 to 0.01mg/m³.
  • Delivering up to 99.999% filtration.

Active Carbon Towers
Active Carbon Towers

Carbon towers purify pre-dried industrial compressed air by removing residual oil vapours and odours from the compressed air system.

These low maintenance units are constructed in a compact manner and designed to be free-standing. They are supplied with a pressure gauge and oil indicator to allow for quality checks to be carried out.

Oil Vapour Removal
Oil Vapour Removal

Oil is naturally carried over in usually small quantities as part of the compression process when using oil lubricated screw compressors.

Oil vapour removal filters are used to remove the oil present from your compressed air system.

  • Oil vapour removal: 0.003 mg/m³.

Process and Sterile Filtration Equipment
Process and Sterile Filtration

Filter housings made from high-quality stainless steel and used for the purification of compressed air when a sanitary design is a requirement.

Sterile filters are often used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries and are designed to capture microorganisms and are rated as low as 99.9999998% at 0.2 micrometres.

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