Refrigerant Air Dryers

The ambient air always contains water and when used to produce compressed air, condensate can accumulate and flow through your entire compressed air system. Refrigerant air dryers are a cost-effective solution to removing the water from your compressed air system and can dry the compressed air down to a pressure dew point of +3 °C.

When designing a compressed air system, not only is it important to size your air compressor correctly but also your refrigerant air dryer. A common mistake is to only look at the flow capacity that a dryer is advertised at. However, pressure and temperature play a vital role when selecting a refrigerant air dryer. Most dryer manufacturers advertise their flow rate at 7 bar with an ambient of 25 °C and a compressed air temperature of 35 °C. If any of these variables change, then the size of the dryer will be affected. It is important to understand the conditions that your new dryer will operate in, to allow for the correct size to be selected.

UAP offer a wide range of refrigerant air dryers to support all of our customers’ needs and requirements. We continuously evaluate and research into the best refrigerant dryers on the market to provide the most energy efficient and reliable solutions available.

We also have used air dryers available for hire or to buy in our used equipment section.

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