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UAP work with leading manufacturers of Compressed Air Controllers to provide our customers with the most relevant and reliable technologies available. Linked with our Preventative Condition Maintenance (PCM) packages, UAP uses the control packages available to help deliver Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 – that’s the key phrase to describe the 4th industrial revolution. In addition to the focus on “individualised production processes” and “product-related information exchange”, a further factor is becoming increasingly important: time – because time is money.

Based on advanced digital information technology, Industry 4.0 interconnects man and machine, equipment and components. This technological revolution is also about real-time information exchange – about data that can be transferred and analysed in real-time. It is this capability that provides a decisive competitive advantage! This technology also opens up new value added-potential by ensuring permanent utility and availability, for example, of important industrial equipment.

Control Management Systems

Kaeser SIGMA Air Manager
Kaeser Sigma Air Manager
SAM4 - Industry 4.0

The SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 is the heart of the SIGMA NETWORK and is a key technology in the advanced world of Industry 4.0. As the central mastermind, it controls the entire compressed air supply system and – via the ‘Internet of Things’ – is responsible for data streaming.

Process data from the compressed air system is transmitted in real-time. Continuous analysis is subsequently performed with help from specialised algorithms to make use of the gathered data, e.g. for Predictive Maintenance purposes

Energair Metacentre
Energair Metacentre
Master Controller

Metacentre consists a series of compressor or vacuum system control products as well as integration solutions to harness control of most air compressor or vacuum pump types.

The Metacentre products are complemented by browser hosted visual software that can be accessed locally or remotely using PC or tablet devices alike.

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