Air Quality Testing

Compressed air is used in a wide range of applications throughout every industrial sector, but the quality of the compressed air required can vary from site to site. Keeping up to date with current legislation and ensuring your compressed air system meets your industrial and application standards is essential. UAP can offer air quality testing to ensure that the quality of the compressed air you require is being achieved and meets the ISO8573-1:2010 listed standards. UAP can also offer air quality testing for Breathing Air Applications to ensure you meet the BS EN12021 Standards

ISO 8573-1:2010 specifies purity classes of compressed air with respect to particles, water and oil independent of the location in the compressed air system at which the air is specified or measured.

ISO 8573-1:2010 provides general information about contaminants in compressed-air systems as well as links to the other parts of ISO 8573, either for the measurement of compressed air quality or the specification of compressed-air purity requirements.

In addition to the above-mentioned contaminants of particles, water and oil, ISO 8573-1:2010 also identifies gaseous and microbiological contaminants.

By Particle Size
(maximum number of particles per m³)
By MassVapor Pressure
LiquidLiquid, Aerosol & Vapor
0.10 – 0.5 μm0.5 – 1.0 μm1.0 – 5.0 μmmg/m³°C°Fg/m³mg/m³
0As specified by the equipment user or supplier and more stringent than class 1.
120,00040010≤ -70≤ -94< 0.01
2400,0006,000100≤ -40≤ -40< 0.1
390,0001,000≤ -20≤ -4< 1
410,000≤ +3≤ +37< 5
5100,000≤ +7≤ +45
60 – 5≤ +10≤ +50
75 – 100.5
X> 10> 10> 5
Microbiological ContaminantsOther Gaseous Contaminants
No purity classes are identified.No purity classes are identified. Gases mentioned are: CO, CO₂, SO₂, NOX, Hydrocarbons
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