Nitrogen Generators

UAP offer a wide range of nitrogen generators, suitable for all industrial processes and applications. Nitrogen generators use your regular compressed air supply to deliver a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen.

Using methods of separation, nitrogen generators can produce nitrogen at a purity of 95% to 99.9% dependant on your individual needs.

Typically, nitrogen is obtained through a delivery supply and stored in various forms. Nitrogen is usually delivered in bulk liquid N2, dewars or high pressure compressed gas cylinders.

Relying on outside sources of nitrogen can sometimes cause a number of problems and challenges including uncontrollable price rises, tank rental prices, delivery reliability and long-term agreements to name a few.

In-house Nitrogen Generation

Producing nitrogen in-house isn’t as complicated as it seems and can significantly reduce the cost of obtaining nitrogen for your company. With traditional methods of gas supply, users are liable for hidden costs such as rental, refill and delivery, order processing charges as well as an environmental levy charge.

When you switch to a nitrogen generator you can expect payback typically between 6 to 24 months. However, with the nitrogen lease and finance packages, UAP has to offer, customers can realise the benefits and savings instantly.

Customers that make the switch from buying nitrogen in bulk to producing their own nitrogen on site, could see a monthly saving of more than 50%

With a variety of different option and products available, UAP can design, supply and install a complete nitrogen generation system to suit any application.

Nitrogen applications

Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting

Nitrogen being an inert gas is commonly used for laser cutting applications and usually purchased in high-pressure bottles.

Nitrogen Generation gives you the ability to produce your own nitrogen without the worry of planning deliveries and changing bottles.

Laboratory Petri Dish

Nitrogen Gas is often used within Laboratory applications to control the temperature, humidity and oxygen levels for highly sensitive equipment and procedures.

Nitrogen Generators are becoming increasingly more popular due to the cost savings available compared to purchasing gas cylinders.

Food Industry
Food Industry

Nitrogen Gas is widely used within the food industry for a number of different applications.

Whether it’s for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), Pressure Transfer or nitrogen injection, UAP can design and install a complete Nitrogen Generator system to reduce supply cost and let you take control of your nitrogen supply.

Tank Padding Blanketing
Nitrogen Blanketing / Tank Padding

Blanketing or Tank padding is a process which uses an inert gas (nitrogen) to blanket a storage vessel or silo to counter the effects of oxygen on the material being stored.

Onsite generation provides you with a constant supply of nitrogen, removing the added worry of monitoring nitrogen stock levels and arranging deliveries.

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