UAP Advanced System Analytics

UAP ASA (Advanced System Analytics) is a fact-based and logical analysis of your compressed air system to identify areas of improvement and implement a cost-effective strategy to improve efficiency and reduce compressed air consumption.

Unlike typical ‘compressor audits’ that solely focus on the generation side (the compressor), ASA is designed to intelligently analyse every stage of your compressed air system including:

  • Compressed Air Generation
  • Heat Recovery assessment
  • Air Treatment
  • Condensate Management
  • Storage
  • Distribution Network
  • Pressure optimisation
  • Wastage through leaks
  • Point of use/Applications

Because every compressed air system is different, it is important to intelligently investigate your entire system and consider your individual and specific operational needs to tailor a high performance compressed air system that will achieve greater efficiencies for your organisation.

ASA – Methodology

By combining our vast experience within the compressed air industry and the latest technology available to record accurate data within your compressed air system, ASA can deliver an accurate and fact base report that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of any system.

Unlike typical compressor audits that only monitor the current of a compressor, ASA collects data from several sources within the compressed air system.


  • Current & Voltage: To record the exact power being consumed by the compressed air equipment.
  • Flow: To record the exact flow rate Generated by the compressor within your compressed air system.
  • Generation Side Pressure: To record the Pressure on the point of Generation.
  • Demand Side Pressure: To record the supply-demand pressure and notable pressure drops across the air treatment system and interconnecting pipework
  • System Pressure: To record the system pressure and notable pressure drops across the distribution pipework.
  • Leak Survey: To record exact amount of energy lost through waste leakage.
  • Drawing and Layout: To generate a full Layout drawing of the current compressed air system including distribution pipework.

Once all the data is recorded, UAP will carry out an in-depth analysis of your entire compressed air system and your specific operating practices to generate a comprehensive ASA report. The ASA report is designed to provide a clear and concise evaluation of your current situation and allows UAP to provide evidence to support our recommendations with clarity.

Challenge us

In today’s industrial market, reducing energy costs has become a priority for most companies. This is why at UAP, we understand the importance of providing our customers with accurate data and realistic energy savings. Because we are confident in our methodology, UAP offers a Performance Guarantee to reinforce the accuracy of our ASA Audits.

In line with ISO Audit Standards – ISO11011, UAP’s Advanced System Analytics (ASA) collects raw data from several sources within the compressed air system and eliminates the use of ‘Calculated data’. This is why we are one of the only companies in the UK that Guarantee’s the energy savings we forecast.

At UAP we encourage our clients to challenge the data they have been provided in our ASA reports. By operating with transparency and integrity at all times, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer care and understand the importance of implementing the right improvement plan to reduce energy costs and increase reliability.

– ASA performance guarantee subject to audit terms and conditions.

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