Water and Oil

Installing the correct condensate management system to your compressed air equipment on site is essential. Condensate is an unavoidable result of air compression. It is a chemically aggressive fluid that mainly consists of water, but also contains oil and dirt particles (e.g. rust). If not reliably drained off at all collection points, it can cause operational disruption and severely damage the compressed air system through corrosion.

Although there are many ways to drain the condensate from your compressed air system, the most effective and efficient way is to install no-loss automatic drain valves to specific collection points within the system.

To dispose of the removed condensate correctly, water resource legislation stipulates that contaminated water must be treated to achieve prescribed safety levels regarding purity.

Oil water separator systems do precisely that: They ensure that contaminant levels are kept well within regulatory limits.

Drains & Oil/Water Separators

Kaeser Eco Drain
Automatic Drain Valves

ECO-DRAIN condensate drains ensure safe, dependable condensate drainage without air loss, even under conditions with widely fluctuating accumulation and high particle/oil content.

Kaeser Aquamat CF9
Oil Water Separators
Condensate Treatment

The AQUAMAT treatment system allows compressor operators to treat compressed air condensate in-house and thereby greatly reduce the overall cost of hazardous waste treatment and disposal.

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