Kaeser Rotary Blowers

Maximum efficiency plays a key role in all rotary blowers and exhauster applications and is achieved by using a blower block that is perfectly suited to the task at hand. Kaeser’s comprehensive and diverse range of two- and three-lobe blower blocks ensure there is a highly efficient OMEGA blower to meet every customer’s technical requirements.

Renowned throughout the world for their efficiency and durability, Kaeser’s compact blower blocks are the result of decades of experience in blower manufacture and design. All Kaeser blocks are suitable for operation at pressures up to 1000 mbar(g) and temperatures up to 160°C.

A wide control range combined with low energy consumption is vitally important for blower applications. By using a frequency converter, inlet flow can be variably controlled to match actual demand.

Energy efficient blowers

Kaeser Screw Blowers
DBS, EBS, FBS Series – SFC / STC Versions
Screw Blowers

Delivered as user-friendly, turnkey systems, KAESER screw blowers simply need to be connected to the air distribution network and the electrical supply and you’re ready to go!

Usable Flow Rate:4.5 – 67 m³/min
Differential Pressures:Up to 1100 mbar
Vacuum to 550 mbar

Kaeser Superclass Blowers
HB-PI Series – Large and Versatile
Superclass Blowers

KAESER’s HB-PI series rotary blowers are the perfect choice for applications that require large air delivery volumes and maximum availability, such as in large water treatment plants, or in power generation stations.

Usable Flow Rate:55 – 160 m³/min
Differential Pressures:Up to 1000 mbar
Vacuum to 500 mbar

Kaeser Three Lobe Rotary Blowers
BB-FB Series – OFC/STC Versions
Three Lobe Rotary Blowers

The special OMEGA Profile in KAESER’s three-lobe rotary blowers makes these machines true masters of efficiency. The long-term dependability and durability of these units is legendary.

Usable Flow Rate:1.5 – 72 m³/min
Differential Pressures:Up to 1000 mbar
Vacuum to 500 mbar

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